East River Chair

Hella Jongerius, the Dutch designer have created this small armchair which combines wood, metal, leather and fabric for Vitra, for flexible use, also in public places.

“The most important thing for chatting in a relaxed atmosphere is a chair with a solid structure that is also light and easy to move, thanks to the handle on the rear of the back."


This chairs have inspiring looks by their color blocking, is used to define the different parts of the chair. And these parts are purposeful, both functionally and aesthetically. leather covers protect the armrests from dirt and wear, while thicker padding is found on the seat cushion, extending upwards to the backrest to provide additional lumbar support. on the rear side of the backrest, a convenient strap makes the compact object flexible and easy to move around.


The ‘East River Chair’ has been developed as a furniture piece that facilitates conversations in casual atmospheres, and stands as a solidly constructed, yet lightweight and mobile design.

 concept sketch outlining material applications

watercolor sketch

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