Blog Crush: Maddie on Things

Maddie on Things is a project which i think happened to be a lifestyle by Maddie the Coonhound and her owner Theron Humphrey. If they read this, they'd probably correct me "her best friend" because the relationship between two are much more than this. I remember i used to wake up and open their site and look their photos over and over again as i had my breakfast. I've been following them for almost 3 years and can't imagine if they are not on this blog.

I think the most beautiful thing about the blog is that it reflects the connection with roots of country living and captures the best moments of it. Those photos smell like woods, autumn, mountains and early hours of mornings. Maddie is generally by herself in the photos but it's definitely not only a diary of a dog. Maddie means travelling, friendship, discovering, nature and balance.

All photos from maddieonthings

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