Leather Stories: Alfie Douglas

I met Alfie Douglas in the spotlight of design category on tumblr and noted that name. Now i'm checking out their works once again. I think even by just looking at their blog, you can feel the passion and love.

"We are a group of people brought together by a common bond, which produces simple products that simply look good and work. And carry on working. Our products are original. They are simple visually and in the way that they are made. Ingenious in the way that they can be adapted and customised in their function. Each one is different, singular, made by hand to be reliable and sustainable."

While we are getting surrounded by minimal and modern look of everything, it's important to be noticeable and make difference.

I really enjoyed discovering their studio, process of creations and photograhy of crafts.
They have a website and blog. You can also shop their products online.

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